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3 Tips to Make your 3D Showcases Picture Perfect

1. Prep Thoroughly

Great scans start with beautifully staged spaces. Be sure to prep the space thoroughly before the scan.

  • Remove any stray coffee cups, fluff pillows, and prep decor so that everything can remain stationary throughout the scan.

  • Make sure everything is where you want it. Our camera likes objects to stay put, and moving them between scans can cause artifacts during processing.

  • Decide whether you want the lights on or off throughout the space, and adjust appropriately.

2. Plan your Scan Path

Before we start scanning, we suggest that you plan the path with us. Walk the entire space with our photographer. Following this intuition will provide a natural path for your viewers to explore.

3. Don’t Forget the Nooks and Crannies

A few scans are often sufficient to capture all the necessary data of a space, but to provide a truly immersive experience, we want to make sure that we scan a variety of paths that let your viewers really get a sense of the space in three dimensions. We like to include more scan locations in areas of greatest interest, like kitchens.

For real estate, including a scan inside closets and bathrooms is essential. Getting a look around these key spaces can often mean the difference between a call to the realtor and a click to the next listing.

A complete scan also looks much cleaner in Dollhouse and Floorplan views because you have complete information that wraps around any corners. Additionally, as 3D tools continue to improve over time, complete scans may come in handy for future projects like renovations or furnishing. For this reason, it’s always best to get the most complete set of data possible.

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