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3 Reasons To Use Matterport 3D Virtual Tours In Raleigh, NC

To start things off, Matterport is a leading 3D virtual tour camera system. It has been used by real estate agents and media companies alike. Over the years it has become an industry favorite and while it is a very effective system, what are the benefits of having these scans done? And are your potential buyers actually interested in this technology? We have gathered three reasons as to why Matterport scans could benefit you.

1. Online Engagement

First of all, we are in a time where digital marketing is an important part of growing a business. Online engagement could be the difference between you and your competition’s success. has reported that customers visiting sites with Matterport scans spend up to 6x the time browsing in comparison to a website or listing without one. What does that mean for you? This means more consistent and responsive leads. REA Group has reported that buyers are 60% more likely to email an agent and 95% more likely to call an agent regarding a listed property

2. Millennials are buying

Due to millennials buying homes, they have become an important part of the housing market. Over the past two years 80% of millennials have sought to buy a home. That is close to 67 million prospective online buyers. That is a large group of people looking for interactive and modern listings. This is good, because Matterport is optimized for a variety of mobile and online platforms — making it universal. Because of this, their software makes it very easy to add a virtual tour to your website. It’s as easy as adding a YouTube video or even a simple image to your page.

3. Matterport is cutting edge for a competitive edge

Lastly, Matterport is known for a competitive edge. It’s true that many agents have learned of the benefits these virtual tours have to offer. Here in Raleigh, North Carolina, there have been many agencies that have begun to use the system. While a lot of agents have turned to media companies to have scans done, also. With that being said, there are also a lot of agents that have not used a virtual tour in their listings. As a result, they tend to fall behind the competition. The system has become a significant part of online real estate. As the technology progresses, it is only likely that it will become more essential with time. 

Mammoth Hammer Media has gained a reputable portfolio because of the amount of homes and businesses we have scanned. And with these statistics, it’s easy to see why having a 3D virtual tour for your listing could make or break it in today’s housing market. 

Here’s a Matterport virtual tour recently done by Mammoth Hammer Media in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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